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(Archived) Do We Have Selective Sync Using Evernote Community?

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For a long time now, I have been hoping that we can get selective sync so that we can decide what we do / don't have on our computer. With only 128GB of space on my local drive, I have had to take drastic measures to use Evernote on my Mac.


I have been eyeing the Business Library as a solution for getting PDFs and so forth into Evernote, because that can have a bunch of notebooks in it without needing to download them onto your drive. With hundreds of gigabytes of notes and attachments, I'd need something off my drive. Of course, one problem is that you have not been able to search in the Business Library within notebooks that you have not actually joined (and downloaded).

HOWEVER, with Evernote Community, it looks like you can now search within notebooks you do not own. You can also see notes without downloading them. Search terms are not highlighted and the view is quite limited (card view). However, it does look like searching is possible. Am I understanding what is happening?

Of course, we are not quite "there." I'd need different views -- a thousand cards without being able to view the content until you click on the notes is not terribly efficient or workable in practice. I'd also need search terms to be highlighted. Finding one word in several thousand words of text is not as useful as it could be. Both of these capabilities already exist in other parts of the app (my own notes), so I think if we could have the Evernote Community work in a similar way to how the rest of the app works, then we'd be "there."

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I think he may be referring to Evernote Business updates, some of which is described in the latest release notes for the v5 beta:


Introducing Evernote Business 2.0

Business Home makes your company smarter than ever

Get to know your members of your business and learn about their recent activity by browsing their profiles

Discover notebooks and notes published by your coworkers, find popular notebooks and top contributors

Search and browse notes in every Business Notebook you have access to and preview notes before you join notebooks

Expertise Discovery: searching your notes also searches your business for related people and shared notes

Convert personal notebooks to business notebooks



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