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(Archived) Can you append to the top of a note.





I follow the evernote email syntax to append an email to an existing note. That is, I use the existing note title in the subject line and add a "+" sign at the end. This all works fine as expected. However, I notice that new information is always appended to the bottom of my existing note. I then have to scroll through to the bottom of the note to see the newly appended information. Is there any way to get Evernote to append new information to the top of the note? This would seem more intuitive to me as you would typically want to see the newest information in note rather than the oldest. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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There's no way that I know of short of creating a new note and remembering to merge the two later,  or using the same title and relying on the creation date,  or using a date title "yyyymmdd - " to force a listing in order.  What you're looking for is 'pre-pend' not append,  and Evernote AFAIK don't do that...

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Thanks for that. You're right, it's 'prepend' I'm after. 


The reason I thought it could be done is that I use an IOS app called 'drafts' which allows you to set up actions whereby new notes can be prepended to an existing note (http://agiletortoise.com/support/drafts/evernote_actions.html). I use this when im on my iphone to prepend to an existing note but was just hoping to be able to do the equivalent when im forwarding emails on my mac. Anyway, I thought all the actions that were invoked from this app were based on the email syntax rules developed by different apps. 

Anyway, not a huge issue and thanks for you're workaround solutions. 



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