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Shared Notes not searchable OR appearing in recent list on Android client



Howdy folks,


Since moving from the sluggish iPhone 4 to the speedy Samsung Galaxy S4 I've begun using Evernote again. It's even better than I remember but I'm having one really annoying issue. Shared Notes (happening with notes created by EITHER me or my girlfriend in the shared notebook she created) are not searchable OR appearing in the recent list on my Android client. I'm running the stock S4 Android OS. 


I haven't tried deleting the app and all the data. I thought I'd try here first.


Any ideas?



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Hi Dougie, 


Notes shared by others (in joined notebook) don't appear in global search results and the All note list by design. 

I believe this is also what happens on IOS. They appear in a context search in the specific notebook for now. 


However, you should see the notes you shared with others in both All Notes and a global search result.

If that doesn't happen, it is most likely a bug. 

Please file a request to our customer support so we can get the info to help you, I don't experience this problem on my end. 




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Thanks for the response... so you can ONLY search across all your notes (including in joined notebooks) OR see them all in a recent list from the Mac OS App and NOT from the Evernote Web or from the mobile devices? (Even though I'm pretty sure my iPhone used to be able to do this...)


If so is really disappointing not to have a global search option... What if you don't know which notebook to search for something in? If you work across many notes, shared, joined and private there really should be an option to include all you most recent edits in a single list.


How are the lack of these features logical?   

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