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(Archived) Fed up with bugs in Mac version



This is a rant, so if it offends anyone, sorry. I generally really like Evernote but all the hype in the world cannot make up for a poopy product.


Throughout the versions and updates I've had a bug which has persisted on Evernote for Mac. When I move a large note with a pdf attachment over about 1mb from one notebook to another, the note count updates in both notebooks, but the note never visibly moves. So I end up with notes clearly labeled in one notebook which actually belong in the another. Eventually, if I move it back and forth between the notebooks the system does catch up, but this is a royal pain, EVERY time.


I have restarted, reinstalled, tried both MAS and direct download version, and filled multiple support requests. I am a premium customer.


Hey Evernote folk, how about before going out and trying to sell the next great backpack or wallet you get your CORE SOFTWARE FEATURES WORKING!! I am looking into alternatives, you spin a great marketing campaign, but really buggy product. 


Thanks for listening, rant over-




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