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(Archived) Evernote 7.0.2 for iPad


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after a lot of criticism following the release of version 7 the developers reacted quickly to release new versions with bug fixes but also new features. I think they are very busy at the moment fixing the many bugs as fast as possible and provide the best user experience they can. We should acknowledge that and I have now spent some time to test the last version (7.0.2) on my iPad 2 and I would like to share my findings with you and the developers.
First I think the app has become much more stable. I still experience a crash once in a while but not as often as with the first version 7. I also can live now with the announcement and market sections because they now reside at the bottom of the home page and even below the visible part of the screen so they don't force you to scroll down to get to more important information.
As many of you I have created some kind of a workflow with the previous version for most efficiently using evernote. The still existing problems and limitations of the new version make it still impossible to follow my workflow and forces me to use several platforms and applications (Clever HD on iPad, Evernote on Windows) to fulfill the same tasks I previously did with the iPad only.
I have shared a note containing these issues: Link



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