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(Archived) Better way to handle actions


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In a note i use a lot of actions. See attachment post-142467-0-50440600-1380309577_thumb. When i handle an action i will mark that action as done (example in the attachment is action 3) 


It would be great that there will be a possiblility to see in all notes (or just the notes in a specific notebook) what actions are open .


Is this possible??


I know you can add a remark to a complete note but that isn't the way i like.



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You CAN do this with some fancy search syntax:


todo:true will return all notes containing a checkbox that is checked. todo:false will find notes containing a checkbox that is not checked. todo:*will return notes containing a checkbox, regardless of whether or not it is checked.

You can read more about this and much, much more at http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php

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