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ios7: where is my big note screen

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When i open a new note is see the large screen (see attachment 1) what i also saw in the old evernote. post-142467-0-22057900-1380308881_thumb.

After saving and reopen the note is see a small not screen and on the left the headers of old notes (attachment 2). post-142467-0-19773500-1380308882_thumb. That isn't a way i would like to work. How can i get back to the large note screen??



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I too was annoyed by the seeming lack of full-screen support for existing notes, but there is a button on your second screen shot, that allows you to get full-screen back.  Of course since it's iOS7, it doesn't look like a button.    You want to click on the pair of 45-degree-angle arrows, just to the left of the title.  A competely non-obvious icon choice, made worse by the lack of a visible button-ness, but there ya go.  Welcome to Apple's brave new world where you blindly click on every part of a UI until you find something that reacts.

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Thanks for that tip. That's the most unintuitive and obscure "button" I've ever seen. It's even more confusing that in snippet view you get the "half screen" on iPad and in card view you get the full screen note. 


I was hoping there was a "swipe" left or right gesture to open or expand panes, but that's apparently not the case.

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Looks like those top left arrows need to either have text (full screen) next to them or be more prominent.

I think EN are trying to keep the clutter down so you can concentrate on your notes.

Adding text might theoretically add "full screen" or whatever to the search function.

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