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(Archived) Noteability audio functions in EN?


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Hi all!

I've been a casual EN user for years but now starting a degree (at 30!) and thought I should explore it more seriously!

I'm dyslexic and find noteability ipad great as it links my audio recording of a lecture to the text so I can click back to that particular section instead of scrolling through the whole recording.

Is there any app that has this feature that exports to EN (but keeping words and audio synced?) if there was that would be amazing!!

On a slight tangent I'm confused how to handle all my print out articles - I get Double sided handouts so a scanner like doxie go would take too long - and can't afford a duplex scanner), intranet docs, lecture notes, research etc..

I prefer digital where possible for consistent fonts, weight, spacing (which scanned pdf articles can be a pain to read!)

Any help is appreciated!

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