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(Archived) Automatic collapsing of notebook and tag lists in v5 Windows app

Gareth McCaughan

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I upgraded to Evernote 5 recently. The new interface works well, but one thing about it repeatedly annoys me: I frequently find that the "Notebooks" and "Tags" trees in the left-hand pane have been collapsed without any action on my part. (It looks like maybe it happens when Evernote hasn't been used for a few hours. I haven't done the time-consuming experiment to find out exactly.)


I do not want this. I don't see why anyone would want it. There appears to be no way to stop it happening.


(A large part of my use of Evernote is as a sort of to-do system. Much the commonest things I do in Evernote are (1) create a note in one of a few frequently-used notebooks and immediately tag it using tags from a few frequently-used sets, and (2) search for notes in one of those frequently-used notebooks that have tags from those few frequently-used sets. The automatic collapsing adds friction to this process because those frequently-used things are no longer immediately available as soon as I give focus to the Evernote window.)


Is this a bug? A deliberate UI feature aimed at keeping things looking simple and clean? Sheer hallucination on my part?


If it's a deliberate UI feature, may I request that it be reconsidered, or at least that we be given a way to turn it off?

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