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(Archived) 7.0.1 crashes on some (but not all) saved searches


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I use EN as a GTD-style tool.

My naming convention for tags is as follows:

  • context tags start with '@'  (eg. @Home, @Work, @Computer etc.)
  • priority tags start with '!'  (eg. !Next Action, !Someday)
  • project tags start with '#'  (eg. #Renovations, #Garden, #School etc.)

All notes eventually get assigned a context, a priority and (optionally) a project.


I have saved searches as follows:

  • Inbox                               (-tag:@*)   - any notes not yet tagged with a context (@).  This is the 'dumping' ground for new notes into the system, that need to be further processed.
  • Next Action @ Home       (tag:@Home, tag:!Next Action)   - stuff to work on immediately when at Home
  • Waiting @ Home             (tag:@Home, -tag:"!Next Action", -tag:!Someday)  - notes tagged as @Home, but not !Next Action or !Someday.   This implies that they're waiting on something.
  • Someday @ Home          (tag@Home, tag:!Someday)     - stuff to work on some day when at Home
  • Next Action @ Work        (tag:@Work, tag:!Next Action)
  • Waiting @ Work               (tag:@Work, -tag:"!Next Action", -tag:!Someday)
  • Someday @ Work            (tag:@Work, tag:!Someday)
  • Next Action @ Computer (tag:@Computer, tag:!Next Action)
  • Waiting @ Computer        (tag:@Computer, -tag:"!Next Action", -tag:!Someday)
  • Someday @ Computer    (tag:@Computer, tag:!Someday)


As of v7.0;  the "Inbox" and "Waiting @ ..." searches returned no notes.  Other users reported similar issues using "-tag:*" search criteria.


As of v7.0.1;  the "Inbox" search now works correctly  (so the problem with "-tag:*" appears to be resolved);  however the "Waiting @ ..." searches now crash EN).


The only difference seems to be that -tag:"!Next Action" has quotes around it (required because "!Next Action" tag has a space in it).

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Similar issue, though the space doesn't seem to be affecting my searches. Here's the result of my saved searches (search / result / number of notes):


stack:"Active Projects" tag:"task" -tag:complete -tag:backlog / Crash / 29
stack:"Active Projects" tag:"task" tag:"Email" -tag:complete / Crash / 1
stack:"Active Projects" tag:"task" tag:"calls" -tag:complete / Crash / 3
stack:"Active Projects" tag:"task" -tag:complete -tag:backlog tag:"calendar" / Crash / 2
stack:"Active Projects" tag:"Errands" -tag:complete -tag:backlog / Crash / 2
stack:"active projects" tag:"status" / Success / 13
stack:"active projects" tag:"backlog" / Success / 2
Unfortunately, the capitalization of "active projects" does not seem to be the culprit--I rewrote those searches to use no caps, but still got the same results.
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The commonality between your Crash scenarios and mine would seem to be (from the examples above) where the search contains both a positive "tag:" and a negative "-tag:".


That would be where I would be looking, if I were an EN engineer.


Thanks for providing your examples, jmsotvall.

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Oh, wow.


I'm now convinced that the EN engineers are trained monkeys.  You couldn't possibly ***** this up three times in a row....but yet they have.


Let's recap:


Version 6.x:  Worked perfectly.

Version 7.0.0:  Saved searches with negative "-tag:" simply did not work (did not exclude notes with the specified tag or wildcard)

Version 7.0.1:  Saved searches with negative "-tag:" now fixed; but if combined with positive "tag:" would crash EN (as described above)

Version 7.0.2:  Saved searches with both negative "-tag:" and postive "tag:" combination no longer crashes EN; but the search return duplicates of every note (sometimes up to 4 four of the same note are shown).


Let's see if 7.0.3 finally fixes the problem once and for all, shall we?


Evernote engineers: Can I suggest something?  It's pretty simple, I think you'll agree.  1) create a UNIT TEST that tests the above situation (negative "-tag:" combined with positive "tag:"); and assert that the correct results are returned.  2) run this unit test against the build.  3) only if the test passes, proceed publishing to Apple.


It's really not that hard.

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I am facing similar problem in my iPhone Evernote version 7.02304425.


I have a saved search will following criteria


any: todo:false tag:todo


Every  time I click on this save search (or I type this directly in the search bar), Evernote will hang and force close the app. I can use this saved search in my Android device and Desktop Evernote.


Hope Evernote can update soon for fix this bug.

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