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(Archived) Evernote (ios7) and Moleskine notebooks


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Not sure if this is a known issue and it seems to be a difference in behavior between the ios6 and ios7 flavors of Evernote.


I use the Evernote Moleskine note books when I use the iPhone ios7 version of the app to scan the notebook (camera icon

the slide across to Document) the pages get loaded into evernote in reverse order. That is the first page from my notebook

becomes the last page in Evernote. That ordering might make sense for taking random pictures but is irritating with a notebook.


Not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this is just an oddity with the new version ?

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'Document' (presumably the one to use for Moleskine notebooks) frame size does not fit Moleskine notebooks like it used to.


Have I wasted my money buying Moleskine notebooks?


Please, someone from EVERNOTE come back to me. I'm about to ask for a refund of my Premium subscription.

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