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(Archived) BUG: Web Clipper keeps saving to the same notebook


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Whatever I do, I can't seem to find a way to dissuade Web Clipper to save any snippets to anything but the first notebook I ever created. I've tried both with "last notebook" and "smart filing", I have the sidebar open and I select the notebook I want, then save the content I want aaaand.. yeah, it shows up again always in the same notebook no matter what I try.


This is with Chrome 29, Web Clipper 6.0.1 and Win XP SP3. Same with Firefox 21 and Web Clipper 5.7.


As a side note, why are you guys designing everything so complicated? Why "smart filing" and "last notebook"? Why not have a default notebook and ability to assign the notebook after you've selected the snippet? Why should I select the category of my New Topic when I'm already in the category I want to post? Did you forget about KISS?

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(sorry, thought I'd get some tech support here. not that it's their fault but..)


Nah, it's a custom notebook I created personally after installing Evernote. It's like that:


Notebook group 1

  • Notebook 1
  • Notebook 2
  • Notebook 3

Internet notebook <- stuff needs to go there


Everything goes to Notebook 2. I've tried pointing it to any of the other 3 (Notebook 1, 3, Internet notebook) just in case but to no avail.

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Weird.  Sorry,  no inspirations here - you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the clipper(s),  though with two separate browsers and two different versions of the clipper you'd think one would work...


Try the Support route - it's worth telling them what's going on.  And my clipper sends stuff where I want it,  not just to one browser...

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