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Feature Request : Color of stacked Business Notebooks AND publishing stacked Business Notebooks to the Company Library



I know that Evernote is designed around the use of tags as your means to search through notes or notebooks, but I like to use notebook stacks as a way to keep notes seperated within a notebook.  And obviously at this moment a user managing their own business notebooks can create a stack of business notebooks but this is where the problem comes in.


My first problem is color.  When I create a business stack, it doesn't keep its grey color, it changes to brown which is the color of our personal notebooks AND arranges it alphbetically with my personal notebooks and not my business notebooks.  This is extremely annoying, and currently my only way to overcome this is to add a prefix to all my business stacks to help keep them organized together...this sucks.


My second problem is sharing stacked notebooks to the business library.  With the above mentioned idea of creating business stacks to help better manage notes, we would also like to publish this to the library.  Because our notes/notebooks/stacks need to be accessed to every potential user within the company it would be very important for us to have organized stacks with appropriately labeled notebooks within.


To give you an idea of our business environment, we are a Residential General Contractor.  We would LIKE to impliment Evernote as a way for Project Managers, Site Supervisors, as well as office admin and upper level management to stay in sync with project folders as well as company documents.  Currently we use Dropbox as a way to access our files but I personally feel that Evernote creates a more elegant way of storing documents as well as a more intuitive way to search, create, edit, delete, manage any and all content.  However, I can't present my case until I can proove it and stand behind its capabilites.  So over the last 6 or more months I have been using Evernote exclusively as a way to manage project's but because of these few limitations I have restrained from trying to impliment it company wide.  So help me out, hopefully this can become part of the future releases.  I love all the changes that have been made to Evernote thus far, lets make this another to cheer about!

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Hi Jonathon and welcome to the forum,


Assuming you are on Windows check out the latest beta version of 5 as it now has delineation of 'Personal' and 'Business' Notebooks.


Agree it would be a good idea to have 'stacks' in the 'Business Library'.


Best regards



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Hello Chris,


As a matter of fact I am using Mac OSx 10.8 with Evernote 5.4.0 (beta 1).  When you say delineation I'm assuming you mean color distinction, which it does UNTIL you create a stack of business notebooks.  At that point the color changes to brown/tan of personal notebooks and/or stacks and arranges them alphabetically with them as well.


Thank you for your support in having 'stacks' in the 'Business Library', hopefully this is something they can add soon.  I don't want to pretend that I know program script and how this stuff is written but I can't imagine that these two requests are program heavy.



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Hi Ms.behavin'....you are correct, it was a very rude surprise!  The Library had its unique quirks that went with it, overall it was a very useful tool and one that made complete sense with the UI of the desktop client.  But now this new UI is just a mess and is not conducive to how we operate within Evernote.  We just don't use tags that much, why should we if with the Business upgrade it index's all your notes anyways and makes EVERYTHING searchable.  What was most important to us was a notebook friendly environment.  But all these changes makes me want to downgrade back to a personal user.


GRRRRR, you were making such great progress Evernote!!!

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