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(Archived) Feature Request: First line of text = note title (settings option)


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This "recommended note title" option in Evernote's settings has never given me a useful result, and "Untitled Note" isn't very helpful either. So wouldn't it be a good idea to have a settings option which automatically turns the first line of my note text input into the note's title? (See attached foto-montage.)


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This is something I don't understand - other note taking apps, like Simplenote or Keep use the first line of a note as the title if none is entered. But Evernote, on both my Android phone and my iPad, doesn't. Is this a deliberate decision? If so, I'd be curious to know why.


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Yes, this is driving me crazy as well. I had to turn off "suggested note titles", but unfortunately it shows "untitled note" every time.


I'm using:

iPhone 5

iOS 7.0.3

Evernote Build



Note that on the Windows Desktop version, the title DOES use the first words of your note as the title

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Ditto. Such a basic basic basic functionality available in SO many other apps.

At least give us the date the note was created or last modified as a suggested title.

There's a fine line between "deliberate simplicity" and "deliberate uselessness".

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