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(Archived) Hiding Announcements in iOS


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Looking through all of them has inconsistent results. Sometimes it moves to the bottom, sometimes it doesnt.

I would like to be able to remove both Announcements and the Market. In the Mac version, Premium let you turn off adds. I think this feature needs to be extended to iOS.



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I agree that these sections are a little ridiculous, especially for Premium users. Removing or moving the Announcements and Market section off the front page, or providing the option to do so should be done immediately. 


If the argument is that some users will want to see these, fine, make it show them by default. Just allow premium users to remove them if they would like to in the settings. Not doing that makes it pretty clear this is only a way to try and make more money via increased sales through advertising on the front page of your app. And that is what these sections are, advertisements. I enjoy Evernote's apps and services, so please let me do that without seeing advertisements. 

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@JustinC - i agree 100%.  totally unacceptable for premium users.


@Evernote: I am asking nicely: please remove the ads (announcements and market) from the IOS app for premium users.  this is **really bad form** and makes you look greedy.  

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