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(Archived) Search Tags with operators

Edan Maor


Hi everyone,


Is there any way to search Evernote Tags using operators?


For example, say I have the tags "hello" and "goodbye", I'd like to be able to do a search like: "tag:<=h" to search for tags that start with laters earlier than h in the alphabet, which will find "hello" and "goodbye".


My actual usecase is to implement easy dates - I can tag notes with a "date" tag, e.g. "2013-09-26", then search for any note having a tag less than today's date by: "tag:<=2013-09-26".



Is this possible?




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Evernote date search is clunky and not user friendly if you are looking for specific date ranges.


For instance, if you wanted to find all notes created on or before July 4, 2013, you could use the following search

created:19000101 -created:20130705


This will find all notes after Jan 1, 1900 and before July 5, 2013


Edit: added info

Another search option that is not tied to a specific date is:



That will find all notes created more than 2 months ago.

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