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(Archived) How can I add tags in the updated Evernote?

Jan G

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Evernote really messes up with tagging a note in iOS7. EN's latest update version 7.0.1 (26 September 2013) didn't do a thing to correct this problem. Here are two aggravating issues with EN iOS 7 note tagging.

To tag a new note, one has to be sure the desired notebook is first selected. If the default notebook is not the one you wish to add a new note, tap on it. Then select the desired notebook from the drop down menu. This is the easy part. Now comes the aggravations.

1. Start typing the tag you like to insert over the words "Add Tag". The letters in the words you type has to be in sequential order before a list of your created tags shows up in a drown don menu. For example, by typing "Bond" would not give you the tag "James Bond". You must starting typing with the letters or words "James" then all the "James whatever-follows" would pop-up on the drown down menu would pop up for you to select. A more or less approach (as in the iOS 6 version) for typing in a tag name would not give you a list. In fact, if you are not careful in typing the search words, a new tag will be created. Now for the other related and just as idiotic and time wasting part of choosing the right tag (s) to insert into the new note. Here is my situation.

2. Now that I have typed in enough letters for EN iOS 7 to pop up a list of tags for me to tap and select (only one tag allow per Add Tag function). Guess what? Instead of expecting an ascending sort of my 77 tags, I get a two column ever-which-way display of tags. There is no way I can select a tag fast To say tagging in EN iOS 7 is a real mess is more than generous. I gave up on it.

I find it faster now to select the notebook (there is no longer a default notebook start screen in EN iOS 7 for the user to set), select my tags from my desktop EN or the iOS 6 version still installed on the iPod Touch 3 and sync them to the EN server. From there I then sync the note stubs to my iPad 3 and iPhone 4S iOS 7 EN. I hope this EN bug is fixed before my iPhone 5S arrives.

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Windows version of evernote, release I observe the following:


If I'm in the 'snippet view' or 'card view' and click on 'new note', I am unable to add a tag.  From the 'list view' a tag can be added when the note is created.  Since I use snippet view, this requires an extra step to add a tag, I hope Evernote considers changing this.

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