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pdf mark up - thank you!

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perhaps this is old news and I've just not been paying attention. I just realised today that I can edit a PDF in Evernote on the iPhone and save it back to the same note with out any need for duplication of notes or files etc

The promised land has arrived. Thank you

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but HOW do you do it??  and why is it so hard to find out HOW to use these new features.... sure they told me it is possible now, but no where can I see HOW.... every day I am thankful that I have the extra time available to do the homework.  can't they make it easier to find the new features they roll out??

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Open the pdf in evernote iOS and then select the menu bar icon with an arrow pointing NW with a letter a and a Skitch arrow - a peculiar icon I haven't seen before. You can then do all the usual skitchy stuff but when you save it goes directly back into the note.


Although having just played around with it it has effectively deleted a pdf which I have had to restore from the note's history. Perhaps it isn't ready for primetime yet.

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I agree this does not look ready for real use yet. So far I have not had any success actually saving a markup. On clicking save, I return to the Evernote index, but the markups are gone. Other small issues like not being able to make a box markup small enough for a single line, boxes appearing not where I am touching the screen, and crashes when tring to save or open a PDF (possibly unrelated to marking up) mean this is not a good use of my time.

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I'm struggling to figure this out as well.

I just upgraded to premium, and when I open a PDF, it gives me the Skitch menu to fill out the form.

Then when I click 'save' and go out to page view and zoom back in, all of the sudden I've gotta pdf with fields that are fillable, like adobe reader. But, when I fill out the form, close it, and reopen, it deletes all my data.

Very confusing. Would love to be able to fill out forms and have confidence the info will be there. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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So I've found the markup tools, but they are rather restricted.  I review a lot of guidance documents, science papers, etc and want to use Evernote the share them with my team.  The process is easy, but my ability to make text comments only allows me to use what little white space may be available on the page and the default text is huge.  


Also, unless I use that "textart" style, I can't change color and choosing that makes the font even bigger. Is there a way to drop in a comment box that can capture a decent amount of text and only becomes visible when the other reviewers activate it?  I've seen this done very effectively in other pdf annotation programs and even simple word processors.    


It would also be nice to have an option in the highlight tool to lock it into drawing straight lines.  Maybe I'm a bit OCD about it, but when highlighting text I want to the line to be arrow straight just like the text.  As it is now I get wavy lines even when I input them via iPad and stylus.  I'll admit this is a minor point and more about esthetics, but it shouldn't be that difficult to implement and would make for very sharp looking documents.

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