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(Archived) the new version is butt ugly


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You'll need to tell us which Evernote client you are referring  (Windows, Mac, iOS) to before we can help you with your rant.

I am going to guess the iOS app though

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Perhaps this is in the notes, but didn't find it so far.


Is there a way to change the view on an iPhone running iOS 7 as I cannot read the tags, because they are all truncated and there seems to be no way to have them expanded.


Secondly, on a Mac OS X, I cannot view the tags in my notes as only the first few are visible and I can't seem to see all of them at once regardless of which view I'm in.


It would seem that either I use Evernote very differently than intended, or at least very different than the developers plan.  I use Evernote on both my phone and computer daily and rely on it heavily, but the new changes sure make it difficult.  It's not nearly as user friendly as before.


On a side note, I have no problem with changing the UI, I don't particular like the new one, but because of my reliance on Evernote I will learn it.



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