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(Archived) Periods after numbers in Android version


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I am writing tablature for my new mountain dulcimer and I decided Evernote would be the perfect place to hold it.  When writing tablature, I just need to put a number below each part of the song lyrics to tell my what fret to hold down.


It works great on my Android 10.1" tablet but it seems to be adding a period after some of the numbers for some reason.


Here is an example:


Deck the halls with boughs of hol-ly

 4       3      2     1      0         1   2   0


But when I add the numbers on the Android version I get something like this. The periods show up automatically - I don't add them.


Deck the halls with boughs of hol-ly

 4       3.      2.    1 .    0      1.   2   0


When I write in Evernote in desktop mode, it doesn't put in the periods. Any idea how to stop this?

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