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(Archived) (Archived) Scrolling through a list of notes in iOS 7


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Loving the look of the iOS 7 interface for Evernote.  But having a bit of a problem scrolling through a list of notes (of the sort that pops up after a search, for instance).  To try to begin scrolling, I tap the screen--but tapping the screen anywhere except on a "month header" selects a note (turning it grey).  I can scroll for a bit, but when I release the tap the selected note opens up, and I have to tap "back" to get to the note list.  Browsing a list of 40-50 notes makes for a lot of back-tapping.


If I keep my finger at the very, very far left of the screen I can scroll without selecting, but it seems like the "safe" area is like 2px wide.  On my Android phone attempting to scroll would manifest a little grey scrubber and you could scroll by manipulating that, but there doesn't seem to be an iOS equivalent, or if there is, I'm missing it.


How do you guys manage to scroll without also selecting (and opening!) notes?  Are you just... very very careful?

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