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(Archived) Converting back to personal account

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Hi all,


I've been experimenting with Evernote Business for a few weeks now and have decided it's not for me. However, I'm having some difficulty in determining the best course of action to revert back to using just my personal account.


When I signed up I upgraded my personal account to a business account and then converted a few notebooks from personal to business notebooks. I haven't been able to figure out how to convert them back, but I figured if I just created a new personal notebook and then moved all of the notes from the business one to the new personal one that would take care of that part. But, then should I 'Leave the notebook' once I'm done? And how do I deactivate just my business account? I see an option in settings on the web to deactivate, but that looks like it's my entire account (both personal and business).




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Hi Mark and welcome to the forum,


Having re read your post a couple of times, I think that Metrodon is correct. Without knowing more about your account it might just be worth your while contacting support and asking them the best way to carry out the process.


Best regards



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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