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(Archived) Help! The note jumps when I write


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Hi everyone - hopefully one of you can help me here. When I write a note on Evernote on my iPad, the whole note sort of skips every time I write a new letter or make a space. So, after a vert short time of typing, I can't see what I'm writing, because I'm at the bottom of the page at the text is on the top.

This happened suddenly, and now it also happens when I edit old notes from the time when I didn't have this problem. Have anyone had the same experience? Any tips?

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Hi just wondered if anyone has been able to help you yet ? as I am experiencing the same thing.

I would really love to know what to do to resolve this as I was really enjoying using Evernote but this is driving me crazy.

I see your post but can't see any solution given to you. Sorry if I have missed it as I am new to this.

Many thanks

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For folks who are running into this problem, can you please post back:


- Version of Evernote you are running (Tap your name/username and scroll to the bottom of settings)

- Version of iOS you have installed (device Settings -> General -> About -> version)

- What device are you using?

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I am having this crazy bug on both iPhone 5 and iPad 2.

Both devices on iOS 7.0.3

Evernote app:

Everything is updated to the last possible version and everything was working fine until upgrading to EN v.7.

This is the worst Evernote app version to date. It is full of bugs!

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