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(Archived) What is the difference between browser and desktop client version ?

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Any documentation etc to show the difference between the browser based and evernote desktop client version ? My user keeps asking me to install the desktop version but i need some justification for service request to install, must proof that the desktop version has more features and more superior compared to the browser based version.

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Just a few off the top of my head:


Desktop versions store a copy of your notes database on the local machine; the web client accesses your notes from the Evernote servers. This tends to make the desktop clients more snappy in performance.

You can export your notes to various formats using the desktop clients and can back up your notes database on your own; with the web client you cannot.

The editing tools tend to be a little more robust on the desktop than the web client.

You can operate the desktop client without having the web available; obviously, the web client has some difficulties with that scenario.

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