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(Archived) Simple spreadsheet please!

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If you could implement a very simple spreadsheet, I'd not have to use excel for some things and could use Evernote more.

I'm thinking of very simple rows and columns with 2 or 3 sort levels. No math, no formulas, etc. Maybe some light text formatting, bold, size, etc, but nothing much. I like to make lists with columns so I can then resort as necessary. For example a to do list with priority, category, status, etc.

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You can create a note template that contains the rows/columns you want, and then just fill in as desired.

Just create the table in Word and save it to a, .html file, then "clip" it whenever you need a new spreadsheet note. You can add more rows to the table, but not more columns, and Evernote cannot do formulas or sort the table, but at least it will be there ;)

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This is a pretty creative way of accomplishing this. If I'm primarily using the Windows Mobile version, how would you recommend I do this? I'm pretty familiar with creating the .html file with a table, but I just don't see a way in the mobile version to "clip" to a file like that.

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I'm nothing if not creative ;)

I would create a bank of some blank table/spreadsheet notes whenever you are at your desktop (just clip, clip, clip, clip like 20 times), then you can pick one and edit at will on WM when needed.

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Well, that does seem like a workable solution. Maybe Evernote could consider adding a "clone" option to a note? That way any notes that are templates by design or intention can be kept untouched. I could make a note that would be a form or anything else that could serve as a template and then just clone it to actually use it. Did you see my suggestion/request for the tap-and-hold option? That would help a lot.

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You actually can copy notes already - just not sure how well it works on the mobile client.

I just prefer to do the bulk-clip when doing this so we get different attributes for each individual.

Here's an example notebook I'm working on -


I'm converting a bunch of old recipes that have been floating around the Net as a "Sample" database, and I've been using the same template for each one. It's a work in progress and needs much more editing, but I'm just sharing it because it is my "Recipe Template" cloned over 400 times so far.

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