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mac Sending email into Evernote via Mac OS Mail.cpp - automator action for free

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There are a few tools around already to help send email messages into Evernote.  The basic idea is simple; if you are using Evernote as your GTD or task tracking system, you want an easy way to throw emails into Evernote and get rid of them from your Inbox.


Many of these tools require a third party application in order to set the shortcut key.  I've written an Automator action for Mac that runs as a "service", which in normal peoples terms means you can easily set a shortcut cut for this in System Preferences. 


Here's a link to my documentation about it: http://goo.gl/WIXG3x


This Automator action is very specific (but can be easily changed if you know Applescript), it will:

  1. Use the currently selected emails in Mail.app to...
  2. Create evernote notes for each selected email and then...
  3. Move each selected email to the "Archive" folder of the appropriate Mail.app account, finally setting it's background to blue (so you know it was moved into Evernote)

It's simple, but super effective - and one cool idea is that the Evernote note retain a link back to the original email message.


You can download the Automator action, and install this by following the instructions here.


Happy Evernote'ing!


John Clayton

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Thank you for the script.  I use it frequently, but have two questions.  


- The email disappears from Mail after I invoke the service.  Where does it go and how do I get to the original email?

- Attachments to the email do not move with the email to Evernote.  Is there something I can do to make that happen?


Thank you in advance,




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Hi David

It's great to hear that you find the script useful.

The emails get moved to the Archive folder of a given mail account.

Correct about the attachments too - and I'm not an AppleScript expert so it's hard for me to say that the script can be adjusted to do this - although I'm sure it is possible.

thank you

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Hey, i created a fork of your workflow which ended in a complete rewrite (which i hope is okay with you).


Besides the complete code rewrite, the note is tagged and a notification center toast confirmation is shown when done.

Otherwise the workflow result is exactly the same.


Attachment handling is in the works.


You can find more information on the github page of mail-to-evernote.


I am keen to read your feedback.

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Great news about the fork! I'm sick right now so can't get to it immediately.

Is it still AppleScript?

I didn't write the original by the way - just found it and reposted it as a companion tool.

Attachment processing would be very very cool indeed.

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I've just found this and have installed the Service.  It works fine except for one thing:  any formatting in the original email is lost from the Evernote so the end result is plain text.  Is there any way of overcoming this (or have I missed something)?


Incidentally, I get the same result if I use a Rule to forward emails from known senders (e.g. Amazon).  The same thing happens if I try to forward to Instapaper or Pocket.  It's fine if I forward emails manually to any of the three services.  I know this is an Evernote forum but any experience that anybody has had might be useful.

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Hey, thanks for the handy tip. I'm trying to achieve a similar result where an Automator service allows me to right click on an email (or use a keyboard shortcut) and then choose a service called "Create task" which will forward the email to x@mail.asana.com with the subject line and message body all set from the message I selected. Does anyone know how to do this?

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