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(Archived) Caution: Use of templates may trigger stall and crash in Evernote Windows version 5

Jose Mora

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When you use a template, any note having that template will be similar to any other note having that template.  If you have the "View Related Notes" switch turned on, and you have used the same template for thousands of notes, the system may stall trying to search for all related notes *_especially if you have several notes open at the same time_*.  In my case, I typically open 10 to 15 notes at a time as part of my template-based work flow.  After experiencing stalls and crashes going now on the third week, I tried to figure out what was going on.  I knew that opening up many windows at a time made things worse.

As soon as I turned off this switch, I now have gone through quite a few notes with much fewer stalls and crashes.

Since not everyone uses templates, and not everyone opens up many windows at a time, this would explain why some people were not having the stall and crash problem.

Also, this feature was not in v4.  So this would also explain why it happens in v5.  

There may be other bugs in v5, but I believe this may be the main cause of my stalls and crashes.

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Hello Mr. Mora,


I stumbled upon Evernote while doing research for a project. Your posted sound similar to what I'm attempting to do. So maybe you might be able to point me in the right direction.


I want to use QR Code and Evernote to create discount prepaid ride cards for my business. I need the QR Code which will be on each customers discount card to show basic information when scanned by the driver.


Customer Name: Pin# Account balance; usage dates etc.


I saw you mentioned about working with templates. Sound like what I may need to do. Template that has all the customer information and can be updated to show remaining trips left after each usage and track driver information who scanned the discount card and provided the service.


It may sound confusing because I'm attempting to figure it all out. I would appreciate a response, Thanks.

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Hello @dlu and @jamesperry58, 


No, I no longer use .enex.  I currently keep a couple of notebooks, one for English templates, and another for Spanish templates.  I have these templates pre-tagged for my workflow.


So, for example, if it is an email in English, I pick the template for that purpose.  It comes pre-tagged as an email, and also as an "information unit."  I make a copy of that into my Inbox.  I then copy the content of my incoming email onto that template, including the URL, and then delete the original.


I realize this sounds inefficient, but the trade-off is that these templates are pre-tagged for my workflow and have fields pre-assigned for the parent action item, parent file location, etc.  The few seconds it takes to do this I make up later in my workflow by not having to find tags.


Thanks and regards,


José Ignacio Mora

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FYI - so far I've now been using Evernote v5 all afternoon and have not had any crashes.  It does occasionally stall, but only momentarily, and eventually refreshes.


However, I do believe that there is a combination of factors that will trigger this failure, so it would be a good idea to look into it further.





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Here is an example of one of my templates.  Since my wife and I manage 3 organizations, as well as my personal stuff, that is why you see "ATZA, ATZE, and CHAC."  A tag helps keep these separate during the workflow.



4 Information Unit Template - 4.03 Email
Type of Information Unit:  4.03 Email
Assign Number:
Link for this note: 
<Enter Here>
File Folder or Location:
<Enter Here>
Email or Clipping:
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What happens with the Related Notes View is that it picks up any note with the phrase "4 Information Unit Template - 4.03 Email" and assumes it is a related note.  However, there are thousands of these that are actually unrelated.  This is what was probably triggering the stall and crash.  My guess, anyway.

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Sorry, I was traveling and did not see your post until now.  Yes, I did get a response from tech support and they agreed that this could explain my failure mode.




Thank you. I use templates frequently - especially for my phone calls.

I will stick with version 4.7 for a couple more months; and wait further, if needed, until this bug gets solved.

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