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Where are my EN files on Time Machine

Mata Hari


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I could not find the files.

user/library/application support/evernote

If EN is hiding its files I cannot restore from Time Machine

I cant use a program with no backup

Please check all of the locations. It is there. They are not hiding the files. They are just a little difficult to find :)

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I thought you'd decided to use Word?


Evernote continues to disappoint you, so I'm not sure what you hope to gain.


If Grumpy's accurate instructions aren't clear enough for you, then I suggest you open a support ticket.

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Real world is not all black and white as you tend see it
I didn't say EN is all black and Word is all white and shiny.
EN continues to send mails to me,  boasting with improvements.

And they do improve exactly on those points which I have criticized

F ex they have improved the search but still there is much to improve

The tables are still very primitive  and the exporting is just useless

Maybe in 10 or 20 years from now , EN will be real nice to use...

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This issue started in Sept 2013 and still no solution
A Google search shows that the problem has been encountered by others too and not solved.

I have deleted a Notebook and would like to recover it. It is not in Trash, and cannot find any EN in TM (Time Machine)

Normally TM would show a file if you just open the document and then press Enter TM button

But not with EN, it is not there.

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