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(Archived) One version of evernote?

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As a person who switches between windows and mac os, it would be nice to have one evernote app that worked the same between the two. Have you guys considered using something like QT for your gui? thus being able to release a consistent version instantly to linux,windows, and mac os? (not to mention that QT supports a bunch of phones and other devices.)

Also, an editor (and viewer) that works between devices would be nice also. It feels like a very alpha program when I write a note on my mac, and when I view it on windows, the formatting is all screwed up. (then again why is evernote even designing their own editor instead of just using a pre-made one?)

Seems like Evernote is spending too much time re-inventing the wheel over and over instead of creating the new features that people are looking for.

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Evernote is, essentially, many extremely different products that all connect to the same service.

We're trying to get them all as consistent as possible, but the problem is if you use a common platform development, you will lose some really great localized features of that particular OS.

So, like, yeah, we *could* make a java version of Evernote - but it wouldn't be anywhere near as robust as the native Mac client, even though it would be able to run on Linux, Mac, Windows...

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What about building an Adobe AIR version of evernote? that way you designed and program it ONCE for the web and then export the web version into an AIR app. This will solve the problem with needing to program multiple versions and this can also give you some of the benefits of each operating system while keeping the design and functionality the same.

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Not to be mean, but I don't think the Mac client really has that much to it. Maybe I'm not looking close enough, but it seems like if you switched to a toolkit like QT, you could rebuild build the GUI interface in less then a day. I think your comment goes to show that you guys are spending WAY too much time on interface design (that has already been done by some really good toolkits) and not enough time just implementing really good features.

Then again, if evernote ever switched to a pure java interface, I would probably drop use of the product immediately.

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