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(Archived) Social fixer for Facebook

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I'm trying to add the social fixer browser to my iPhone and iPad but it keeps getting hijacked by evernote! How can I

Get around that?

Sorry - I doubt you can get around it. 

It won't be Evernote that's the problem - but that Social Fixer is a browser extension written for computer use, and the systems on tablets and mobile phones need a completely different kind of coding. 

There's a lot of people want a mobile Social Fixer....but that would mean coding an entire browser instead of a browser extension, and need writing separately for each mobile system [iOS, Android, etc.]. 

Without seeing I can't be sure - but I would think it's getting hijacked by Evernote because it's not recognised by IOS as anything but a text file, so it's trying to save it as a note.

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