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Adding more options to the Skitch Helper menubar?

Danni Efraim




I've been an avid user of LittleSnapper as my screenshot tool of choice for a few years now, but since I'm also an Evernote Premium user, I've been meaning to migrate to Skitch, as it seems just as feature rich and also integrated with Evernote.


There is one thing that bothers me, though, and it's the fact that the Skitch Helper menubar does not contain shortcuts for all of the screen capture methods. Most of all, I miss the option to capture a single window.


I've looked, but not found any way to configure this. Is there any way I can add it myself?


Best regards,



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Hi Joe! Thanks a lot - that actually solves most of my worries for now. There's a lot that I like about Skitch in comparison to LittleSnapper - it's faster, the editing tools feel slightly more natural to use, and of course the Evernote integration, so I hope the migration continues to go smoothly for me.

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@DanniEfraim- Unfortunately at this time you cannot customize the helper, however if you just want to capture an entire single window, it's very easy. Just select then normal Crosshair Snapshot and then single click on the title bar of the window. This will snap the entire window. 

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