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(Archived) (Archived) Evernote with iOS 7 for iPad


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Hi, I am a new member today. I recently installed the new iOS 7 for the iPad. When I try and copy and paste

anything, whether text, web pages into the main body of Evernote 'note' section, the copy and paste options do not appear and so do not allow the paste function. Strangely, the 'note' title bar does show the copy and paste bar and does allow you to paste text.

Can anyone help with this?

Thanks, Michael in NZ

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I managed to download a new Evernote App from the App Store so that I can now use the copy and paste bar

in the body of the Note. however, the new Evernote App on my iPad eliminated my entire 9 month history of notes!

The notes are still in place on my iMac (desktop), but the history is absent on my iPad. Any thoughts or similar experience?

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