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Evernote For Music Tablature

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After playing my mountain dulcimer for a few months, I must say Evernote is working excellent for my music tablature on my 10.1" Android tablet. Most of the online tablature I find is in .pdf format and Evernote handles this easily. I can resize it easily to fit the screen and I can easily tag them all as "mountain dulcimer tablature" so I can have my entire songbook accessed in seconds. I currently have a simple


It is a little smaller than a standard music book page but has the benefit that I could have hundreds or thousands of songs in the very portable tablet.


Any one else using Evernote to hold your sheet music or tablature?

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Very, Very, Very cool idea CaptainTime.  I'm also a musician and never considered this until now.  Wow, I'm looking forward to deleting all the text files I have and moving them to EN.


Thank you for sharing.

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be great if you shared a Folder publicly - of course make sure you only put stuff in there you want to be seen and or shared.


then users can access it?


we may find a Gem or two we would have never thought of playing!

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