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(Archived) Automatically convert clipped URLs into clipped pages?

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Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I've not managed to find it if it has...


I started using evernote earlier this Summer, and was really pleased to find a way to store all the useful info I stumble across online.  However, I started off using it as a glorified bookmark manager, clipping articles into evernote and just storing the URL.  However I've changed my approach now and have started clipping the whole article.  Is anyone familiar with a method I might be able to use to "reclip" all those URLs I have stored to replace the notes with their clipped content instead?  I could manually visit every URL and reclip it but then I'd lose the original timestamp, and it would take ages!


I did look at knocking something up with the API, but I soon realised the clipped isn't available through that route.


Just wondered if anyone else has evolved their approach and needed similar functionality.

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