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(Archived) Find shortcuts ios7 iphone


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I'm new to EN, so not sure where it was in the past.


As far as I can tell, if you have a note, you can tap the star icon to flag it as a shortcut.


And then Shortcuts will appear in the home screen. Te shortcuts box is not visible on the home screen if you have none flagged as a shortcut.


I think that's new - i.e. if you have no tags, or shortcuts, then the box for them does not appear on the home screen.

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oh ok. Thx for responding. I just realized that the evernote app didn't sync all my notes ( > 500). At the moment, i've only got 10 notes without tags . That's why I can't see my shortcuts.

Now the problem is : why can't I synchronize all my notes  from my account ?

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i20s, mate I'd try to clean the cache (on the Evernote settings - you can reach it clicking on your name on the top of the app) and if that doesn't work, delete the app and reinstall it. I have thousands of notes and it took a while to download it all (Specially w my slooooooow internet)

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