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(Archived) Windows V5: Restore Shortcuts to the Menu Bar


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Can y'all PLEASE put shortcuts back in the menu bar as an option?  Having them in the sidebar completely destroys all functionality I used shortcuts for, as I have to scroll AAAAAALL the way back to the top (and I have a LOT of project notebooks) to get to them, where as with them in the menu bar, I just hit it and went where I needed from wherever I was.  Thank you!

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I second this request as well. The favorites bar was frequently used to switch between saved searches for to-dos, and I miss it already after two days with version 5. I would also like to see this in the Mac version, but I guess this is not the right thread for that.

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I would love to see this return too.  

It was such a simple, intuitive way of allowing us to customise the desktop -- on an ad-hoc / current-context basis  -- so everything needed was just at hand.

That said, the short-cuts in the sidebar is still an improvement.  What would be optimal would be for the user to have option to use both.

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The new design appears to require an open left panel, scrolled all the way to panel top, to access our shortcuts. Such is a big assumption, and a big change from the previous design. How about adding an optional "Shortcuts Toolbar" back along the top?

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