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(Archived) Providing feedback on using SSD for Evernote performance problems


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I'm using Win x64, have 10,000 notes,using about 4 GB of storage. My system has 12 GB of memory.

I've noticed Evernote performance degrading for some time now as the amount of my Evernote content has increased.

I've tried using a dedicated drive for the database, as well as moving it to a raid device.  In both cases, minimal performance gains were achieved, if any.

Quite often, I'll be updating of deleting a note, and the response delay will be as long as 90 seconds.  These are not sync delays, and it appears that Evernote is doing massive updates to the database.  monitoring shows lots of i/o to the database drive.  I'm completely at loss to understand why.


In disgust, I finally decided to try using an SSD.  Prices are down now, and I got a 60 GB [ejffectively about 56GB] Kingston SSD from Amazon for about $60.  I attached it to one of my drive trays with gaffer tape, and slid it into the rack.Took just a couple of minutes to do, using a small strip of cardboard on one edge of the drive to get the spacing right. Of course, one could just use a small drive enclosure and connect via USB.


I then moved my Evernote DB to this drive, and, with all the extra space, relocated my paging space there as well.  I formatted the drive with 32MB blocks, but don't know whether that's the best option.  Would like to know the experience of anyone who is more knowledgeable about such.  Relocating the paging space there is perhaps a mixed blessing, but I'll defer judgement for now.


Now, Evernote performance is infinitely better.  Response to updates and searches is very fast.  The only lags that occur now are when doing the server sync, though that is much faster as well.  Given my internet limitations, not much I can do about that, though resetting sync interval to one day would eliminate almost all of that as well.


My laptop performance is still abysmal, but currently not using it much.  It needs replacement, and I will definitely make sure the new one has a 256GB SSD drive.


I've always been leery of using SSD drives because of the high cost, but this has proved to be a very affordable solution.  Need to get another to put in my other desktop system.

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