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(Archived) My notebook dissappeared


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I have been taking notes in a class the past two weeks. I opened the app today and it asked me to log in.  When I logged in my notebook for this class and all of the notes are missing!!!    Funny thing is that a few of the notebooks that i deleted weeks ago are now available again with all of their contents, but all my recent stuff is gone.




hopefully i posted under the correct forum

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i lost all my NOTES after updating my evernote. please help thanks in advance


OK we need:  which client did you update,  have you looked on the web version,  have you submitted a support ticket (see below).  If you didn't send a support request,  please do it now - if you give us more detail we may be able to help.


UPDATE:  this is also a separate topic; more comments on this issue to http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42764-lost-all-my-notes-immediately-after-i-updated-evernote/#entry228484

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tnx for the reply. i just updated thru the app store. dont know what u mean by which client but mine is the free version. after the update, i checked my evernote and its all gone. yes i have sent for a support ticket.

the weird thing is, after update, the evernote icon remains in the app store. normally after update of any app, it goes away

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