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I have been very pleased with evernote since I started using it a few days ago, however there are a few things on the web interface that I would love to see for the windows client.

1. Thumbnail view for the notes, this is helpful sometimes when you just want to do a quick scan of the content of your notes when you forget what you labeled it/some of the text you put in the note.

2. List view for quick organization

A feature that I would love to see in the windows and web client:

1. Tab select, when I am writing a new note I would love to quickly select tags that I would like on that note, currently I need to click the tag button or type in a label. What I want is to see the tags on the left menu and just make them "clickable" when the tag is clicked the tag shows it is selected and the tag shows up associated with the new note.

Thank you again for the great software.

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Thanks for the feedback. We do plan to add thumbnail and list views in the Windows client as part of our large Windows UI rewrite. This has been going on for a few months, and will take a little while to complete.

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In this new re-write that you are doing, will you be adding the option to sort A to Z, Z to A, Most Recently Created to Last Created, Last Created to Most Recently Created. I think this option would be wonderful, Having to scroll down through all of my notes every day to see the last note gets repetitive for something so simple. I look forward to this new updated software.

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You can change those in the current Windows client interface today ... display the Note List (F10) and then click on the top of the column that you want to sort. If you click a second time, it will sort in the opposite direction.

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