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(Archived) Bad template for note after Spotlight Search



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How did you integrate Evernote into Spotlight?

This should happen automatically. There were times where spotlight search did not work for me in previous versions. I think I scratched everything and reinstalled to make it work, after a support request.

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Spotlight is pulling from the CoreData folder in the Library nowadays instead of the Application Support folder, and that seems to have caused the funky appearance. It used to pull data straight from Application Support, but everything was called "content." If memory serves, in the old days the files in the Application Support folder had their proper titles. Unfortunately, every folder has a number now, and every file in it is named the same way, so it has become increasingly difficult to make good use of Spotlight. I am finding that DevonThink is a more convenient solution these days for indexing and searching Evernote data, but I am still experimenting with it. 

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