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(Archived) iOS7>Passcode/Password lock issue


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I have update my iPhone4S to iOS7 and also updated my evernote together with it(=iOS7 ver.) and have noticed following issue with Passcode/Password lock function.

In the previous Evernote ver.(iOS6), whenever I jump out of evernote, I was asked to input my passcode. My setting for the passcode is immediately. Security was perfect.

But with the new version of evernote(iOS7), following wiil occur.


Start up the evernote, input the passcode and login. Hit home button and get back to iOS home screen with lots of other apps, and tap the home button twice. 

With new iOS7, it has a new function which I could view the app screens running on the backend, and there I could also view my evernote home screen. Meaning I could view and read whatever in there. Though my passocde setting is "Immediately", meaning MAXIMUM security, it is odd that I could see the screen. It should not happen.


By the way, after tapping the evernote screen after tapping home screen twice, screen pops up and does request to input my password, but still it pops up with the last screen and can read and view at least for 0.5 second what's in there.


Also, After logged in to evernote, hit home button and get back to iOS7 home screen, and hit the evernote icon, it shows the evernote home screen for approx. 0.3 sec and asks for passcode.



I hope this is not something just happening to me.




P.S. This also happens with my iPad mini as well.

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I'm having the same problem. If the last note that was opened had encrypted text then when you reopen the app it also shows the UNencrypted text ....... It makes both a password and encrypted texted useless!!

I rely on Evernote as a second brain. I really really need this glitch worked out.

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I just discovered another problem.... If on the iPad you dbl click home button to see what apps are open (or to close apps) and Evernote is open.... Then what ever note was the last one viewed is there for perfectly clear viewing. Encrypted text is UN-encrypted for the anyone to see.....

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