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(Archived) Searches with WildCards not working in iOS7


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I have a saved search that looks like this:


notebook:"@Pending Actions" tag:@ochog tag:#web*



It works fine in the WIndows client, and works fine in my last beta of iOS I have on my iPhone, Evernote Pre


However, on the new release client for iOS, on both my iPad and iPhone (iOS 7 both), it returns no results.


If I change the last part of the search to "tag:#website" it works.


ANyone else noticing issues with wildcard searches on iOS7, or at least wildcards for tags?

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I have a wildcard search that is -tag:* that didn't bring up anything in iOS 7 version, but then I changed the syntax to -tag: * and it now brings up ALL my notes. I use that search to bring up my "inbox" of stuff that needs to be tagged and worked on. Big search for me, wish I hadn't updated.

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