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iOS 7 - Select Multiple Tags?

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I have not upgraded yet to iOS 7, so I don't have the new version of Evernote and probably won't for a couple of weeks. I was wondering if the selection of multiple tags was available in this release. They removed that functionality at some point and it has really decreased my usability of Evernote on the mobile platforms. I know people suggest saved searches, but the amount of saved searches I would have to make is cumbersome. I also use tags for sorting of notes, so there is no way to know what comibnation of tags I will want to look at any given moment.


Anyway, I'm assuming this feature did not make a come back, but wanted to check with the community on their thoughts.




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I was able to upgrade and I'm not seeing this feature. I am still unable to choose multiple tags on the ios mobile version of Evernote. Am I missing something here?


It seems very strange that this functionality was removed. Evernote seems to to want users to use tags for organization rather than folders. I have spent a lot of time structuring tags and applying them methodically to my notes and to not be able to sort through them on the mobile version is quite irritating. I want to make Evernote my main organization and tracking system, but I just can't do that without the ability to sort my notes by multiple tags.

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