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Evernote Moleskine Notebook - Premium code not working

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Hi, I've bought the moleskine/evernote smart notebook and I would like to use the 3 months premium account.


I go to http://evernote.com/partner/moleskine/, insert the code that I've found on the last page of the notebook, sign in to the existing account, click the ACTIVATE button, and I've got this message:



Unexpected Error

An error occurred while redeeming your gift card. Please try again later."


contact support


It's been 2 weeks that I'm trying to do that, and I've send a lot of messages to the support via the "contact support" button, but nobody contact me...

What can I do?

Thank you in advance


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simonegrandi1 and yaver

Hey guys - this is a user forum!

If other users are not having the problem, you won't get much of a response.

If you want a response, the proper solution is to contact Evernote Support (not users who don't have the problem).


You say you emailed support and did not get an answer.

Support always responds with a computer generated a tracking number and acknowledgement.

If you have been waiting 2 weeks, then Evernote did not receive your request.


Did you get a tracking number? If yes, post it here and an Evangelist can find out what happened.

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Hello to all,


I know that this is not a support forum but it seems that Evernote support just doesn't work. We get tickets, but absolutely no answers or callbacks.


I have exactly the same problem expressed here, and I'm starting wonder if it is worth to upgrade for such a no-service support. I can live with this support for a free service, but I'm affraid of paying for it and have no support to any problems in the future.


Does anyone else have a suggestion of how to solve this issue ? I paid extra money for a moleskin that is more expensive than usual to have this premium service, but the code doesn't work and Evernote doesn't give any help on this..... 


Thanks and best regards,


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Thanks for your feedback Simone. 


This is very hard to understand, and I start feeling that I was victim of fraud. This shouldn't happen for a company like Evernote.


Taking money from the people and not even answer, it's something that we shouldn't tolerate.


If this persists, I guess I'll have to fill a claim against Evernote and Moleskine. 


I'm very disappointed.

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You're welcome Josè.


I'm very disappointed too, and it's a shame since I really like the Evernote platform, I use it everyday.


In the meantime they've upgraded my account for 1 week, but 5 days passed by since the last time that they wrote to me, and the week is ending...

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To clarify a few of the points above--this is a user forum, so until we received the ticket notices we would not have necessarily been in a position to immediately respond--and unfortunately, when you submit with an issue related to becoming Premium, that still means you receive free support, as we have no way of knowing you are Premium yet, so response times for most of these tickets will be outside of our Premium SLA, and have been in the 48 hour range (or longer, as some submissions were on Fridays and we do not offer weekend support).


Yaver, Simone, and Jose--you should all be taken care of at this time.  Thanks for the patience and for reporting.

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Hello there

Just got the Moleskine notebook as well and the premium code did not work. I got the same error as others. Was very excited about it. :(


My request number is: #329915

Hope it gets solved as well.



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