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(Archived) Does it have to be so green?


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I confess to being an ardent Evernote fanboi.  But is light green on dark green really an appropriate colour scheme?  Apart from being hard to read, its a huge jump from the green home screen into the beautiful "create a note' view.  


The fonts and style are gorgeous.  But the green home screen is not good.  I am ok with the layout and appreciate the effort to put as much as possible in front of us in a small space.  The quick note bar for example.  


But does it have to be so green?

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It's not my thing, but then again, neither is the iOS 7 color scheme! In terms of iOS 7, it looks to me like the Evernote team hit the center of the bullseye. It's clean, minimalistic, thoughtfully designed, bright (in Applespeak that is "fun"), and quite easy to use. Is it perfect? No. I've groused about several aspects in other threads. With the colors, though, I think this is the new normal with iOS, and we'll just have to get used to it. In fact, I'd recommend the team stick with it in order to show the best of what can be done with iOS 7.

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I don't mind so much that it's "green", but the use of non-contrasting colors makes it harder to read.


For example, the Announcements page uses gray on white, looks like faded out-of-focus fonts instead of readable text.

Maybe part of the issue is I'm on an iPad 2, but I don't have trouble reading the normal fonts on other apps that haven't gone this 'iOS 7-ish' direction.


Readibility is part of usability.


Instead of making us "stick with it", we should be given a choice of color schemes.


The current scheme certainly means I'll be spending a lot less time using this current version.

I used to brag about and demo Evernote at every opportunity. Now I won't bother, because this changes makes me quite unhappy.


Save me the eye strain!

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