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(Archived) Search Shortcut in Evernote 7.0 for iPhone


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Why is there no option to search all notes from the home screen (or whatever its called).  I don't often take notes on my phone, but I often want to refer to a note on my phone.  That requires a search.  I should be able to pop open the app and start searching all notes with one click.  This has been problematic for several versions, ie no easily accessible search feature.  In this version I have to scroll to notes, tap the right arrow and then tap the search icon.  The app should assume its equally likely I'll want to search as enter a new note.  Its a computer, I want it to look for the note, I don't want to hunt for it.  I don't understand why finding notes has so much lower a priority than entering a note.


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Start screen SEARCH function is most urgently needed in Evernote for iOS 7 and seems a no-brainer.

E.g. why not adopt 'pull down to search' functionality from iOS (rather than the current no-use elastic strech animation)?


Overall, layout of iOS 7 Evernote start screen has LOTS of room for improvement (I personally liked the Tabs of the previous version).

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