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(Archived) Mail address populate when sharing a folder but not under Email Note

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I just do not understand why when I share a folder with an Individual, the Email address will populate with choices when I type in the first letter.

(love this)


But when I want to share a Note, it will not auto populate the email addresses.?


I am on a PC Laptop.


This is a very frustrating non feature when wanting to share a note by email.


it seems to me this feature is in there as I said for sharing a Notebook and should be the same for note sharing.


I want to get my "AUTOPOPULATION" ON !


thanks for hopping right on this...MD


Pics attached

autopop (autofill)on SHARE NOTEBOOK post-89765-0-13531900-1379611212_thumb.p


No Auto fill for email share post-89765-0-39195100-1379611219_thumb.p

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