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(Archived) Quick IOS7 Bit of Feedback

Alistair Bruce

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My own experience is that iOS 7 was laggy and had frustrating pauses (I wasn't impressed). I wiped my iPad and reinstalled. Everything seems to be running a lot better now. My memory is that I had to do this for iOS 6 as well, so I suppose this was to be expected.

Of course, this meant reinstalling Evernote. I had no problem getting all of my notes to appear and my offline-use notebook seems to have downloaded properly. At least, I think there are no problems. We lost our numbers in this update, so it is difficult to tell if it is all there. I have frequently had problems in the past downloading 100% of my offline notebook stuff, and with the numbers I could see something was wrong, but now I am guessing. I have a few thousand notes, so I cannot be sure, but it looks like everything is there.

I'd recommend reinstalling or (better yet) doing a factory install of iOS7.

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