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How to insert time stamp and/or line in Evernote for Android?

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I've been using Evernote Premium for Android for several months and have yet to find a method to insert a time stamp or separator line as per what you can do with Evernote for Windows  OS.


Ctrl ;    to insert time stamp


Ctrl Shift -  to insert a separator line.


Is there a way to do this on an Android phone?  tablet?

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What a shame.... looks like they could add this to the bottom of screen menu bar/slider that has other tools on it.


Am I the only person who adds multiple updates to an existing note?


Btw... I've also acquired or tested several blutooth keyboards hoping to add the functionality so that I can update notes in my vehicle just after leaving a client site.  I have not been successful in finding a keyboard that will perform those hotkey functions.  So for now I have to manually key in a date and time and then use a series of characters as a separator which I later go back to on my Windows desktop to clean up.

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OK... tried Clipper for a week since your suggestion.  Btw... only the paid version offers the dynamic clippings.  It was not up to the task.  I could not get a real time dynamic "macro" configured. What I could do was set it up to pick up the current date and time but then every paste after that was the original time, not the current time.  Also, I suspect it was clashing with other software on the phone - started to get some  odd behavior I had not seen before including freezing but that could easily have come from an update of something else, such as Google Maps which has just been a disaster the last two versions.

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Hello all. Faced same need - to insert current date and time stamp into Evernote note at my Android phone.

1) So no proprietary solution from Evernote yet (like Ctrl+; for Windows app, mentioned above), right??


2) There is no free Tasker version, or I just can't find it? Maybe someone can advise other similar Android tools, only for this simple task - inserting day+timestamp?


Thanks in advance

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I would use Evernote if they put in this feature, but as it is, they seem to just ignore the many requests for this. I bought the app expecting that they would add it, but no joy. I use this in other apps all the time - don't know what their problem is.

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4 hours ago, miszuni said:

I need this function too. Can be from the top menu

I agree; I often wish to add the current date and/or a horizontal line. Both of these requests have already been made in the Android Feedback forum, where feature requests are collected:

(one of the 2 request there is for the current date); and:

@miszuni, if you will go there and vote them up by clicking the large upward-pointing arrow at the tops of the pages, that will help!

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This all sounds like a work around requiring a lot of labor for a simple feature that should just be there in the first place for every platform.  Cross platform capability is one of Evernote's main selling features.

Logging activities needs to be done without a lot of extra labor.  It is hard enough to log without making logging a task in it's own right.  It is one of those repetitive tasks that benefits greatly from automation - that is one of the main objects of computer software in the first place, is it not? Besides, I don't know of anyone who enjoys logging.  It is just a necessary evil.

I worked in software development for 19 years - it seams to me the implementation is minimal compared to the benefit gained for the customer.  So Evernote development team, just implement this simple yet fundamental feature, for every platform (android,IOS,etc.) or at least give us a reason why it cannot be done.

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12 hours ago, FKarlsson said:

Count me with everyone else who could really use this feature. We keep a page for each machine we maintain and my staff and I date stamp each entry we write.

Please go to this page and click the up-arrow at the top to vote for this suggestion:


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On 8/6/2014 at 11:08 AM, Brian Russell said:

You can use Tasker to put the day, date, and/or time in the clipboard when Evernote is opened, then paste it in. Using an app like Clipper would allow you to keep anything else you'd hoped to paste into a note.

thanks. this worked perfectly for me.

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I've now paid for the Time Share app where I have its' Time Clipboard icon on my home screen where it is configured to copy a time-date stamp into the clipboard and then open Evernote.


To create a note or update an existing note I tap the home button, tap the Time Clipboard icon, Evernote opens and more often than not the note I want to go to is in my recent notes so scroll down a bit, open the note, edit, tap where I want to insert the time stamp, press and paste.  Then continue with keying in my notes.


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Maybe this has been there a while and I have not noticed but yesterday I spotted this and it is wonderful!

When I use the Time Share app I mentioned above and Evernote opens, when I start to edit the note the newly acquired contents of the clipboard (the date and time) are showing in the space just above the keyboard.  I position the cursor in the note, tap the text from the clipboard and it inserts it into my note.

I tested it and the same happens when you use the traditional method of highlighting text to copy into the clipboard.

No more long press to bring up the Android "Paste" option.  A time saver!  Awesome!


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