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Feature request; drawing or writing



before the last couple of updates i could open my pdf files in a office suite of my choosing and write on them with my galaxy note.  Now that feature is not working.  It tries to open some docs in ring central and i can not figure out why. and others it only will open them in skitch.  Skitch should have the ability for me to write or fill in forms as if i was writing on a piece of paper.  at the very least give me back my option to use my quick office pro which i prefer any ways.  

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I'm using a Galaxy note 8.0.  If instead of opening in skitch, you click on the three vertical boxes on the right top of the attachment icon, you will be able to open, and presumably edit, in a different app, and presumably write on the document with your stylus as before.  


To evernote:  I don't think these added functions really enhance the use of pdfs in Android without further work.  I'm in total agreement that we should be able to write on a pdf in skitch as if it is pen and paper.  

And two other important points:  

         1) I edited my pdf in skitch  using the straight line function to carefully underline words and phrases in my pdf.  When I saved the pdf and then reopened it, the underlines ended up on top of the text instead, so I couldn't even read the underlined portions.  

         2) the typeface for putting letters on a pdf in skitch is totally weird.  It is as if there is a big "sign" on the document, rather than as if there is text added to the document.  


Hope these things will be improved in the future.  

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